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Well, they finally got around to studying whether or not the Head Start program is useful or not. 

Since its beginning in 1965 as a part of the War on Poverty, Head Start’s goal has been to boost the school readiness of low-income children. Based on a “whole child” model, the program provides comprehensive services that include preschool education; medical, dental, and mental health care; nutrition services; and efforts to help parents foster their child’s development.  Head Start services are designed to be responsive to each child’s and family’s ethnic, cultural, and linguistic heritage.

I think after nearly 50 years, we should check to see how this is going. 

Apparently, the children show some advantage in the early years, but, by the 3rd grade, the differences are largely indistinguishable. 

From the full study’s summary of the 3rd grade part (346 pg pdf)…..

This chapter examined the potential effect of…

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