By Paul Homewood–Watch-Now-A-Really-Short-Climate-Debate-on-CNNs-Piers-Morgan–Climate-Depots-Morano-vs-Sierra-Club-Warmist-Michael-Brune


When Bill Nye pulled out (or was pulled out) of his latest encounter with Marc Morano on the Piers Morgan Show, he was replaced by Michael Brune, Sierra Club’s Executive Director.

We have already seen how Brune seemed reluctant to tell viewers that long term drought trends, in the USA in recent years, were, in fact, towards less severe ones, or that droughts are cyclical events which are tied into Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation.


His second example of “the extreme weather that is here” was Storm Sandy. So what do the official figures from NOAA say about hurricanes and tropical storms, that landfall in the US?

Their “US Climate Extremes Index” includes an indicator for hurricanes/tropical storms, defined below:-

The sum of squares of U.S. landfalling tropical storm and hurricane wind velocities scaled to the mean of the first five indicators.


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