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You know, there are issues with these smart meters.  They need addressed.  But, what this woman did is, well, not smart.  Being more descriptive, stupid.

The story is about how a couple of ladies got arrested for not wishing a “smart meter” to be installed at their residence. 

Now, this would be fine, except,

What logic brings you to a point where you think you can mandate how a person measures what they are selling you?

Let me try to explain this.  You have a home.  You want electricity to use in that home.  You give the local provider a ring and ask them to sell you some electricity.  Usually, they’re happy to do so.  But, this requires a thing we like to call “delivery“.  The provider doesn’t want to continually make trips to your home delivering buckets full of electricity.  So, they set up contraptions to continuously…

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