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For years now, the left has tried to portray TEA party members as extremists and radicals.  They’ve had all sorts of dispersions cast their way.  They’ve been accused of anything and everything, from being racist to being crazy gun owning nutjobs. 

Rasmussen has conducted a series of polls.  (As that is what they do.) And the results are remarkable.  As always, there’s a bit of the glass being half full and half empty. 

For me, the most striking results were this…..

66%.  The BLS has our Civilian non-institutional population at 244,169,000…… 66% of that is ~ 161 million people!  161 million people feel exactly as TEA party members do. 

So, now the question is, who is out of the mainstream?  Who is out of step with the people of this nation?  Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that Twenty-two percent (22%) think the balance is about right.  Who’s the…

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