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How many people believe the above statement?

It isn’t that I don’t understand the impulse, and it isn’t that I don’t believe the duplicity shouldn’t be pointed out, it should.  But, that’s where it ends. 

Ever since Sandy Hook, the lunatic totalitarians have looked for ways to grab our guns.  The responses have been pretty solid.  But, ever since the gun grabbers have come out, there’s been a response to this which is dangerous and as bad as the gun grabbers. 

Breitbart has this…

Fox had this….

And on it went, on TV, news outlets and blogs.

Sure, many films Hollywood makes are of no redeemable value .  And I believe the violence depicted is way over the top.  Some Video games, even some shows on TV are deplorable things to watch and play. 

But, what we’re witnessing in this most recent debate simply isn’t acceptable and people need…

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