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HuffPo has an interesting article up.  It’s written by Mike Bellamente  Director, Climate Counts  [I’ve Never hear of Climate Counts]

5 Tips for Handling Climate Skeptics in 2013

1) Consider the Source: If someone decries climate change as a hoax, they tend to base their information on distorted facts cherry-picked from the press rather than their own experience, say, as a trained scientist who has spent their career analyzing climate data. As Dr. Cameron Wake, climate researcher at the University of New Hampshire states “because of the complex nature of climate change, it is much easier to sell the lie than it is to sell the truth.”

Sources commonly cited by skeptics in support of their stance include: “Climategate” — a series of emails between scientists taken woefully out of context (several independent investigations have since been conducted — all have absolved those involved of any scientific misconduct); the…

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