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Well, I didn’t expect much.  So, I’m not disappointed.  As noted in my post, I contacted Politifact for a response.   Here it is…..

I think you need to read our complete report as this is discussed in our story from December.

To that, I responded in this manner…..

Dear Mz Holan,

Thanks for responding.

I have read your report, and re-read it. It’s an interesting form of a strawman argument and conflation of statements. Further, while you people did a fine job in detailing some history, you managed to entirely ignore other parts of the greater discussion.

You claim the ad was the “Lie of the Year”. But, it was the speech with which you had difficulties with. Yes, it is shocking that our politicians would state mistruths in a speech. But, that’s not what you called the “Lie of the Year”.

Reviewing the ad, again, we see that…

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