The agreement does not envisage moving any jobs from Chrysler’s main Jeep factory in Toledo, Ohio, the Corriere said.

Cause we plan to omit those Ohio Jobs

suyts space


Well, well, well……… The lie of the year turns out to be the truth of the year and the liars are the ones who called team Romney liars. 

You’ll never guess who’s opening a production plant in China……. well, okay, it isn’t a hard question to ask aware, mentally cogent people.  We already knew this was in the works.

Team Romney came out with an ad during the presidential campaign …

The ad simply states nothing but truth.  Obama took Chrysler to bankruptcy and demanded that it be sold to the Italians (Fiat), and they would build JEEPs in China. 

Politifact, to ever be known as Politihack called this the Lie of the Year for 2012.  It’s strange that a leftist rag would trust business executives when it serves their purposes.  Fiat execs had denied they were planning to move anything to China.  It’s likely they did this because…

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