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This is kinda nice!  It isn’t that we need any vindication, but, it’s nice with other respected climate blogs hits upon the same message and conclusions as we have, then one can’t help but feel buttressed. 

The very first blog post on Suyts space was about our snow extent.  Since then, I’ve tried to make a point of visiting the issue periodically, though, I’ve posted on it so much, there’s little new to say. 

My two most recent posts, “Snow A Thing Of The Past Or Dramatic Increase?” and “Climate Reminder!!! Imaginary Warming Causes Moreless Snow!” pretty much drove the point home……. there is no snow extent change. 


All of that blathering, drooling, crapping their pants, and slack jawed mumbling from the climate lunatics and for what? 

Recently, two respected climate blogs have demonstrated the same.  Climate4you ( graph at the top is from Climate…

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