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The above picture and quote reference an entirely different subject, but it demonstrates the abject stupidity of this current administration.

Now, it’s Labor Secretary Hilda Solis’ turn to display total vacancy when it comes to economics.  Ironically, she, once again, outs her stupidity with CNBC.  The questioner was trying to make a point that while our political leaders dithered about the “fiscal cliff”, business leaders simply went into a holding pattern.  They weren’t going to do anything until the outcome was known.  Not content to display her vacuity in just one particular manner, she goes for the two-fer!  And nails it!  Not only does she not understand that the political gamesmanship came with a cost to jobs, she demonstrates a misconception about the economic effects of governmental largess, all too common in this administration.  Are these people incapable of simple thought?

REPORTER: How many jobs do you think the fiscal…

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