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Journal News Employees – Google Maps

Janet published maps of all the legal gun owners in her region complete with Google Street View, so criminals will know who to target, where they live and what their house looks like. Criminals can also call up and find out who is home, which makes it easier to determine what type of crime they want to commit.

“Criminals are always looking for opportunity and words travels through the grapevine—burglars trade secrets and when you see something like that in the paper, that’s is something burglar’s are going to talk about,” Portenier said. “‘Did you see in the paper where all these people have guns and their addresses?’ and that kind of stuff, they’ll say.”

While some burglars may use the newspaper’s information to avoid guns, Portenier said others will target homes with guns. The newspaper’s decision could even lead to legally-owned guns proliferating on the street, he…

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