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Barry Zero addressed the nation after the agreement to avert the fiscal cliff was passed and auto-signed.

Some of what he stated were absurdities.  I don’t know if he thinks all of the American people stupid, or if he’s simply not paying attention to some of the garbage he’s done to us. 


Here’s some quotes from Zero’s little talk….

In the face of looming deadlines that would have taken a big chunk out of everyone’s bottom line, you know my top priority has been preventing a tax hike that would have hit 98% of all Americans in 2013—because the last thing middle-class families can afford right now would be to pay upwards of $2,000 more in taxes this year.

And thanks to so many of you—because you made your voices heard throughout this debate—we have stopped that middle-class tax hike.

[Barack Obama]
But we didn’t stop…

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