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Except when and where it wasn’t. 


The orange line is 2010, the green is 2012.  This is the UAH channel 5.  (What they use to determine global temps.)  Realizing that there are some haters out there who don’t like UAH because of the people running it, I’ll put the WFT temp index up.  This is an average of GISS, Hadley, RSS and UAH.  I’ve selected some years that one can easily see 2012 wasn’t anywhere close to being .  Don’t let the deceivers and liars put out the misinformation without challenging them.  The US temp record is meaningless in a global concern. 



Given the recent movement of the ENSO meter to negative, I think we’ll see some drops in the temp record this year, as well.  This time next year, we’ll be saying .  And the lunatics will come up with more vapid idiocy trying to convince…

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