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I don’t often do this, mainly because it’s already being done.  But, once in a blue moon, I feel compelled to write a bit about something else going on at a skeptic site. 

Most readers here also read WUWT.  Heartland’s Joe Bast has a guest post up, responding to the latest warmista attack on Heartland. 

Some tool, Greg Laden, ranked The Heartland Institute’sefforts to expose global warming alarmism as one of the “top climate stories of 2012”.

The long and short of it is the lunatics think Heartland suffered something from their Unabomber billboard campaign.  “Implode” was the word used.

Bast points out…..

Heartland didn’t “implode” or “suffer major damage” in 2012. In fact, we increased receipts by about 15% from 2011, increased the number of donors nearly four-fold, more than doubled the number of policy advisors (to 237), and set records for press attention…

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