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There’s a new paper out.  It’s written by a couple of our favorite alarmists, Stefan Rahmstorf1, Grant Foster and Anny Cazenave

I’m not familiar with Anny, but Rahmstorf and Foster are a couple of fascinating alarmist creatures posing as climate scientists. 

Veterans of the climate wars will recall their last offering Foster & Rahmstorf 2011.  It was a vapid piece trying to demonstrate the lack of warming was really warming instead of the flat line we see in our recent temps.  Here, using the WoodForTrees interactive graphing, I’ve plotted the HadCrut3 temp series from 1997 and then plotted the linear trends for HadCrut3, RSS, from 1997 and then GIS and UAH from 2002. 


Rahmstorf1 and Foster would have you believe that the lack of warming shown isn’t really happening.  They have convinced themselves that they can quantify the effects of solar variance, volcanoes, and ENSO, and state that…

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