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This is a bit exasperating.  For more than a year, I’ve been saying that the tax increase which president Zero is obsessing over doesn’t amount to a hill of ….. beans.  The CBO now estimates the tax increases would amount to $82.3 billion annually. 

This should have been made an election issue.  One could have easily exposed Zero for the smallish individual he is. 

For the new readers, I’ll reiterate.  $82 billion per year is nothing.  Even if there is no negative affect from the tax increase, (there will be a negative impact) it still does nothing to balance the budget.  It is simply a punitive tax, attacking people for being successful.  Currently, federal spending stands at $3.8 trillion per year.  The tax at optimal implementation with no negative impact will raise 2% of our budget. 

2% of our budget.  That’s the plan.  Barry Zero is hanging his hat…

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