Fires and AGW

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A couple of days ago, as I was writing about our dearth of tornadoes, I also included a graphic which demonstrated the lack of increases of forest fires. 


This entirely destroys one of the many memes of the alarmist nutters.  They insist the imaginary global warming will cause an increase in forest fires.  Well maybe the fires are somewhere else?

In a congratulatory gesture to the Toronto Argonauts I’ll include some graphics from our neighbors to the north. 


Heck, they’re having less fires.  Here we can see a clear declining trend going back 30 years. 

It’s amazing to me.  The lunatic alarmists have beat all odds and have managed to be wrong on every major issue and meme of their pet theory, CAGW. 

You’d think the odds would be that they could accidentally get a projection right simply by projecting so many things.  But, these people can’t even…

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