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Well, who didn’t see this coming?  We all saw it coming right after the White House and the rest of the Marxist Dems pushed for and endorsed the particulars of the “fiscal cliff” compromise.  Readers may recall the conditions of the fiscal cliff were agreed to the last time Repubs and Marxist Dems couldn’t agree on raising the debt ceiling. 

Because our politicians and their Keynesian economic advisers  have the collective IQ of the average person’s shoe size, they can’t run the government without spending more than they take in.  Congress has to approve additional debt in order to run our government on credit.  In 2011, our government was running out of money…..again.  Repubs wanted president Zero and his sycophant crew to cut some costs in exchange for raising the debt ceiling.  The Marxist Dems, of course, wanted to raise taxes on people making $250,000/yr, pretending this would be…

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