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One of the horrible consequences of running a blog in the manner I do, is that it consumes all of my online time.  I’m going to have to adjust something soon, because this interferes with my interaction with people who have much to offer.  When I do find the time to poke my head out and visit other blogs, I’m usually a day late. 

Anthony had a post up, yesterday,

A few commenters picked up on this, but I thought I’d illustrate it.  The nations and regions were divided up in an odd manner, but we can get the idea necessary.  Here is the first graphic offered from the post at WUWT.


For your lunatic carbonphobe nutter, they would say some of this is a positive sign.  I believe the “CN” of the light blue is Canada.  RU would be Russia and JP, would be Japan.  The purple would…

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