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I see Steve is calling out the complicit LSM for helping the administration with the Benghazi cover up. 

And, it isn’t just the White House hoping.  Here’s the take away information from Steve’s post….

CBS News has learned that the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) cut specific references to “al Qaeda” and “terrorism” from the unclassified talking points given to Ambassador Susan Rice on the Benghazi consulate attack – with the agreement of the CIA and FBI. The White House or State Department did not make those changes.

Of course, this is directly contradictory to what Clapper had to say earlier.  Let me state this clearly.  It doesn’t matter what the DNI, CIA, or the FBI or anyone else has on paper.  Like the diversionary hand-waving of the sorted affairs of generals and directors, this is meaningless.  Why?  Because anyone with an operating synapse knew…

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