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For the past several years, in spite of overwhelming evidence that voter fraud does occur, the Dems have been telling us there’s no evidence that it does with much regularity. 

Well, we have more of this non-evidence. 

For those who have not been following, Congressman Allen West, a vocal conservative who happens to be a person of color, was embroiled in a contentious election fight with new-comer, Patrick Murphy.  Unofficial results showed Murphy winning the election by 0.58%.  However, there have been some very strange results from this election, most of which come from St. Lucie County. 

In the early voting, errors were found, and admitted to by St. Lucie’s election supervisor, Gertrude Walker.

[S]he said officials had shown “too much haste” in trying to get complete results to the public on election night and that “mistakes were made.” She also acknowledged there was an initial problem in feeding…

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