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During the debates, Obama and Candy Crowley worked together to tell the world that Obama immediately knew Benghazi was a terrorist attack.

The election is over and Obama has different problems now, so he tells us that he didn’t know it was a terrorist attack.

The White House yesterday denied it edited talking points about the terrorist attack that killed the American ambassador to Libya — contradicting remarks made a day earlier by  David Petraeus.

Petraeus on Friday told lawmakers that from the onset of the investigation about the Sept. 11 attack, US intelligence pointed to al Qaeda affiliates.

instead of relaying what the CIA initially reported, UN Ambassador Susan Rice repeatedly insisted the attack was a spontaneous protest spurred by an American-made video

White House denies editing talking points on Benghazi attack, contradicting Petraeus –

CNN and Candy Crowley are of course too stupid to see the problem…

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