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This is funny.  I was doing my thing, reading drivel alarmist papers, when I came across this. 

And, yes, it’s pretty much drivel.  I contains the predictable errant meme about Anderegg.  (I wonder when will they realize Anderegg demonstrates the opposite of a consensus?) 

At any rate, “[t]his letter contrasts the way climate scepticism in its different forms is manifested in the print media in the USA and five other countries (Brazil, China, France, India and the UK), in order to gain insight into how far the US experience of scepticism is replicated in other countries.”

Yes, I’ve been dying to see this!….. or not.  I hope we didn’t pay for this, but you know we did.  Moving through the paper, (the things I go through to bring you this….. the stupid burns!!)  I come across this graphic.


The types on the side are the different forms of skepticism. …

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