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When I first heard about this, I dismissed it as a stupid joke.  Apparently I, once again, overestimated the left’s intelligence. 

Susan Rice is on the short list for replacing Hillary.  Yes, that Susan Rice.  The very same one who went on five TV programs on the Sunday after the Benghazi murders and told the entire world unbelievable lies so incredible that even the LSM couldn’t swallow what she was spewing. 

She told us the attacks were the spontaneous result of a demonstration over a video.  She told us there was no evidence of a pre-planned attack. 

By the time she uttered these pronouncements, it was already determined that the attack was pre-planned and there had been no demonstration. 

It it that this administration wishes to have no credibility to the rest of the world?  The Secretary of State is the most important cabinet position of any administration.  I mean…

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