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First, I want to say

For those not familiar or detached from the climate wars, something strange occurred with the BBC a few years ago.  Well, not all that strange.  On January 26th, 2006, the BBC got together with another group of totalitarian leftists and decided that the BBC would not balance their climate coverage with responses from skeptics or anyone else with an alternative view of our climate.  Nothing but the current narrative would be reported, and endorsed.

Now, as I said, this isn’t really news.  That the BBC would intentionally decide to simply report a totalitarian leftist perspective, after a group of totalitarian leftists urged them to do so is simply stating the obvious.  There is no objectivity in LSM reporting.  They are the propaganda arm of totalitarian leftist ideology.  I suppose this would be news to the obliviots still believing LSM has some modicum of objectivity. 


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