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Black's Whitewash

Where For Art Thou Richard?

I surf the internet, I find stuff, it makes me want to find more stuff and put the jigsaw together to see what the picture looks like.

I am also fishing through the climategate emails looking at them from the economic rather than scientific point of view.  I am interested in who is gaining financially from the fear of runaway climate change.  I posted a comment on WUWT when Climategate2.0 broke:

“Interesting stuff. When FOIA added the read me, a lot of people thought it was a bit wishy-washy, cherrypicking and pointed to someone not understanding the science.

I suggest now that FOIA is VERY aware of the links that hold together this house of cards. That is what the release is about – for us to piece together the people behind the science.”

What I meant by “behind the science” was not investigating your…

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