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I’ve written about this a couple of times in the past.  In both the comment section and in a couple of posts, I’ve stated that Japan is done, or rather, economically undone. 

The last quarter ending in September showed another decline, translating into an annualized

In the race to the bottom, it seems Japan won among the larger economies.  While many may disagree, the situation for Japan is permanent.  Many individual Japanese companies will remain strong for some time, as a nation, Japan will not economically recover to the point of economic prominence among the world.  There were many, many signs.  Sources in links at the bottom …….


As a consequence of this high debt to GDP we have this…..


On an aside, this graph should be screaming at all Americans.  If we don’t get a handle on our deficits, we’re going to be where Japan is in a very…

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