Real Science

Experts tell us that Sandy was unprecedented in that it combined a tropical storm and a snow storm.

Ivan dug up a slew of similar unprecedented events from the 19th century, when CO2 was so low that even sensitive Pikas felt safe.

  1. Hurricane with snow storm – 1839.

  2. Hurricane with snow storm – 1864.

  3. 1866  “The state of things here has been fearful. Snow—gale— , flood, each without precedent, and within three days. ”
  4. 1869: “A more rigorous and disagreeable Easter can hardly be remembered. We had snow, and hail, and rain, a boisterous and cutting east wind, and thunderstorms, in which life was lost. A driving snow storm and a hurricane of wind inaugurated the Volunteer Review at Dover on Easter Monday”
  5. 1872: “The storm continued to increase in power, and the snowdrifts accumulated so rapidly that by night the train was completely snowed in. ‘The…

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