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As was expected, many layoffs were announced after Obama won reelection.  From Twitchy…..

Among those companies announcing layoffs this week was Ohio-based coal company Murray Energy, whose CEO Robert E. Murray gathered his staff for a prayer Wednesday before announcing more than 150 job cuts. Twitchy earlier reported on the tantrum thrown by liberals over news of mass layoffs this week, which they characterized as vile, petty, un-American and done “not for any legitimate reason” other than “revenge.”

Here, the left doesn’t seem to understand how businesses work.  In order to employ people, the business has to have a profitable enterprise.  Much of this is based upon a demand for the product.  The Obama administration has significantly decreased the demand for the product through regulatory restrictions.  So, the companies have to layoffs workers because there isn’t much for them to do.  It’s a strange product of markets.

The left…

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