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Obama knew it was terrorism before he didn’t know that it was terrorism  before he did know it was terrorism.

At any rate, Obama has fulfilled his promise and jailed the movie producer used as a scapegoat for his own incompetence.

On September 14, 2012 – three days after the Benghazi terrorist attack – a memorial service attended by President Obama, Secretary of State Clinton and family members of the fallen heroes was held at Andrews Air Force.  When approached by the father of Navy Seal Woods, Clinton vowed to him that the Obama administration would “arrest and prosecute” the producer of the video.  In her remarks at the service, she denounced the “awful Internet video that we had nothing to do with” as the cause of the violence.

Obama’s America: Jailed for Blaspheming Against Islam

When you have an important election coming up, the First Amendment is no obstacle. The press corpse happily aided and abetted…

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