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There is a quadrennial event many conservatives participate in, and no, it isn’t voting.  It is the call for a 3rd party.  Heck, it isn’t just conservatives.  There are many disenfranchised and dejected voters in this country across the spectrum. 

This election, once again, saw the Republican party nominate a man who really doesn’t embrace the core beliefs of a fiscal conservative.  Neither did he, like the long litany of nominees,  embrace the libertarian idea of a less intrusive government. 

Now, before I continue, let’s simply acknowledge that the ideas of conservatism and libertarianism hold different meanings to different people.  I realize that while most people who read this blog generally agree with the ideas expressed here, almost none is in total agreement.  It’s one of the things I love about this blog!  So, when I discuss conservatism and libertarianism, please consider them in general terms.

Many people, instead of…

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