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These are Fox contributors. 

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HuffPo doesn’t seem to have a map predicting the states, but this is how they see it lining up.  They do already seem to have Obama winning.


Same with the NY Times.  Though they have Obama under the 270 threshold. 


RCP has a map with no swing states


Rasmussen sees it like this.


ABC has it like this……


This is how I see it with the states in play…….


This is the way I see the states lining up with the ones too close to call left tan.


Here’s my best guess on how it turns out.  Please note, even the map above is iffy.  This one below is simply guess work.  The 6 remaining states are very, very close.  I don’t see any of them breaking beyond a 4% difference in the voting.  This stated, and even though the…

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