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Remember when it was irresponsible and unpatriotic to run up federal debt?


Food stamps


Costs have doubled since 2008 from $37.6 billion to $75.7 billion.

The food stamp increase is probably because he demonstrates he knows absolutely nothing about economics.


But, have no fear, he’s kept Social Security Payroll tax cut, which will hasten the bankruptcy of Social Security, but, he refuses to address the problem.

But, why would he worry about Social Security when he’s already instituted Welfare for the rich buddies in his green job stimulus programs, which even by the government’s absurd assumptions have cost us $228,000 per job?

In Obama’s mind, that was so successful, that we didn’t need the jobs and oil supply we would have gained from the Keystone pipeline.

I’ve, of course, left many, many things out, but, this is a start.  Read may contribute other examples of Obama’s dismal failures.


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