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Well, I tried.  I wanted to, but, that doesn’t appear to be a possibility.  I wanted to put politics aside just for a moment, but I find impossible. 

I was going to write an apolitical post about Sandy and the response to it.  One week ago today, extratropical cyclone Sandy hit Atlantic City, New Jersey, moved northward in created havoc up the sea board.  Over 100 deaths have been attributed to the cyclone.  This is a damned shame because we had over a week to prepare for this.  But, one can’t ever be entirely prepared for these acts of nature.  Last week I was critical of the residents in that area not showing enough patience.  But, this is ridiculous. 

CBS is reporting….

NEW YORK Falling temperatures on Sunday put more people at risk in a region already battling gasoline shortages, stubborn power outages and spasms of lawlessness in the…

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