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Yeh, that’s right.  I’m using your video, John Cougar-sometimes-Mellencamp-sometimes not, whatever your name is.  Your politiks suck, but, your music is righteous.  And, it fits. 

When Romney surged after the first debate, the Dems glibly boasted that it didn’t matter because Obama had a swing state firewall which ensured his victory.  I was skeptical of the claim.  Today, we see the imaginary walls come ““!!! 

I’ve already shown readers how Romney is invading Pennsylvania.  But, in the case of Minnesota, past tense should be used. 

Politico, no less, is reporting a poll which has Romney up by one in Minnesota!  Breitbart has a take on the Romney surge in Penn and the polling.

In what could prove to be a brilliant campaign move, the Romney campaign hid details of a Sunday campaign appearance in Pennsylvania until after the Obama team released their final campaign schedule. …

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