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It isn’t like the ad accusing Romney of killing a lady with cancer.  That was blatantly false.  This ad is 100% true.  Obama did, in fact, take GM and Chrysler into bankruptcy.  And, he insisted that Chrysler be sold to the Italian auto company Fiat.  These facts are incontrovertible. 

The controversy arises at the end of the ad where it states that Chrysler will build Jeeps in China.  After the ad, Fiat protested and said that they are not going to do so.  So, the case is closed, right?  Fiat says that’s not going to happen, so the ad is false.  Err, uhhmm….. no, not exactly.  A simple Google search reveals some painfully obvious truths.  Let’s look to Bloomberg.  No, not the soft drink hating, buttered popcorn loathing little tyrant of a mayor of NY City, but the news media Bloomberg.

This ran before the ad came out.

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