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This is fascinating.  The desperation is palpable.  We are all used to skewed/weighted polls.  Dems seem to see the sunshine on the left, Repubs seem to see it on the right. 

But, what happens when two different lefts are looking for the sunshine?

NPR is a well known leftist, government supported, infomercial.  CBS and the NY Times are more so.  When polling the general election, this is what the honest brokers came up with…..


Now, this would be fine in a very closely contested general public election.  This isn’t anywhere close to today.  What is above, are both works of fiction. One more so than the other.


Why am I pointing this out?  Because if the election is held today, Romney wins the popular vote by about 4-5%. 


It is true, Gallup and Rasmussen could both be wrong.  In my lifetime, I don’t recall that ever occurring.  Nor…

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