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I found this at RCP


But, there are a few things to note.  The greyed states according to recent polling show mostly leaning towards Obama, with the exception of Florida, Virginia, New Hampshire, and Colorado. 

  (yes, that’s a big however!)

There’s this thing called momentum.  And it’s all moving in Romney’s favor.  The most recent poll in Ohio has Romney/Obama in a dead heat at 47%.   But, this polling was done with 9% more Dems than Repubs!  With independents at only 27%.  According to Wiki, over half of Ohio’s registered voters don’t have a party affiliation.  Among the 27% independents polled, Romney held a 52%-33% lead.  Additionally, the poll did slightly over-represented Hispanics and “Other” demographics by about 7%.  Given these insights, it looks like Romney is up in Ohio

RCP averages the latest polls instead of telling us what the most…

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