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I thought this was funny.  From the Guardian.  By John Vidal.

Leading environmentalists are concerned that George Osborne’s rumoured jibe indicates a worrying level of acceptability

George Osborne is said by the Independent to be referring to green campaigners both inside and outside his party as His office denies it, but the insult fits in with the way Conservatives and rightwing politicians around the world now regularly denigrate greens.

Sad smile  Sad smile  Crying face

In 2009, Roger Evans, a Conservative member of the London assembly, wrote in a blog that people fighting the expansion of the London City airport were He was was slapped down by the prime minister, David Cameron, and the mayor, Boris Johnson. He eventually apologised profusely.

The Taliban slur has since been widely used in Australia and in the US along with more regular putdowns of environmentalists as “Nazis”, “subversives”, “militants” and


The insults in Britain are…

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