West: Looking the other way: President Obama’s dangerous foreign policy – Conservative News

In the days since the attacks on our embassies and consulates on the 11th of September, we have seen a president and his administration demur, deflect, and mislead the American people. Vice President Joe Biden says on the campaign trail that “GM is alive, and Osama is dead.” Tragically, so is our Ambassador to Libya.


Killing Osama bin Laden did not end our conflict

Contrary to what the president would have you believe, the elimination of Osama Bin Laden was not a foreign policy and did not end our conflict. It was a tactical success. A sound foreign policy is defining America’s strategic goals and objectives throughout the world. A sound foreign policy is defining and setting the terms of your relationships with your allies, and drawing a line in the sand with your enemies. Most importantly, a sound foreign policy defines “What is America’s role in the world?” A sound foreign policy never looks the other way.

How many more attacks need to happen, how many more lives lost, before President Obama calls the enemy what it is— a radical Islamic fundamentalist movement determined to destroy America and its way of life. This enemy only understands and respects strength. President Obama’s constant apologies show only weakness and provide a window of opportunity these groups will continue to exploit as evidenced by the eleventh anniversary of 9-11 attack on our consulate.

President Ronald Reagan described his foreign policy as “Peace through Strength.” Reagan applied this policy throughout his presidency, leading to the fall of the Berlin Wall and the liberation of millions of people under Communist rule.

President Reagan knew what it meant to be the Commander-in-Chief and confront our enemies head on. Our current President would rather be a Global Organizer-in-Chief, and avoid the inevitable by looking the other way. This kind of approach makes things worse for America and her allies, as in the end, the enemy always has a vote.

President Obama stood before the United Nations and stated “Intolerance is itself a form of violence and an obstacle to the growth of a true democratic spirit.” When tolerance becomes a one-way street, it leads to cultural suicide. America shall never be tolerant of the intolerant. Our foreign policy must show the “intolerant” there will be consequences for their actions, and that America will defend its people and freedom at any cost.

America was once respected for its strength. Today our enemies attack, and in turn they receive taxpayer funded apologies. The radical Islamists who killed our Ambassador do not fear retaliation from America, and as a result, we must brace ourselves for more of the same. Our nation and our allies will never be safe until we have a President of the United States who no longer looks the other way, nor leads from behind.

West: Looking the other way: President Obama’s dangerous foreign policy – Conservative News.

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