Watts Up With That?

You may recall that WUWT reported this on Sepetember 6th, 2012:

Game on – NOAA’s refusal of documents earns them a lawsuit

Over the last couple of days, CEI’s Chris Horner has been emailing me news of a FOIA request he made earlier in the year. The FOI request is for correspondence between NOAA’s Dr. Thomas Peterson and Thomas Stocker, the head of the IPCC Working Group 1. It is hoped that this correspondence might get him some information on the IPCC secret letter sent by Stocker to all of the IPCC lead authors right after Climategate:

We have the announcement above, but not the attachment.  The attachment is apparently secret since nobody wants to talk about it or even acknowledge its existence.

Steve McIntyre wrote an eviscerating essay about the secret letter circulated by the IPCC to UEA/CRU, which they are refusing to divulge, because:

there would be an adverse…

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