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Last week 18,000 people signed a petition demanding that a publicly-funded television station ‘never again’ report on a particular point-of-view.

The satirical website,, has a great piece today titled FA launches ‘Let’s Kick Climate Change Denial Out of Football’ campaign.

The piece talks about football fans facing ‘stiff jail sentences’ – and the need to stamp out ‘for good’ speech that offends the sensibilities of environmentalists. While providing a giggle or two, the larger point is a serious one.

Last week more than 18,000 people apparently signed a petition that was sent to the ombudsman of PBS – an American television station whose full name is the Public Broadcasting Service. Here’s what that petition said:

Immediately investigate the NewsHour segment featuring climate change denier and conspiracy theorist Anthony Watts for violations of PBS standards on accuracy, integrity, and transparency, and recommend corrective action to ensure that such reporting never…

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