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My thanks to Russell Cook for permission to reproduce this article first published on the ‘American Thinker’ website in 2010. This is well timed given Al Gore’s upcoming ‘Dirty Weather’ 24 hour special broadcast. ‘Weather Weirding’, ‘Climate Disruption’, ‘Dirty Weather’, these are all phrases designed to conjure up worry and fear in the minds of ordinary people. They are promulgated by pseudoscientists who want to link ‘carbon emissions’ with disruptive weather events. That they have no scientific basis to do so is demonstrated in a recent editorial in ‘Nature’, as well as by numerous articles over the years by meteorologists such as Ryan Maue. -TB
The Curious History of ‘Global Climate Disruption’
By Russell Cook
Global warming alarmists are seriously considering rebranding their fear campaign in the face of public skepticism.

September 16 Fox News report analyzed the suggestion by Science Czar John Holdren to rename global warming “global…

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