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No, really. 

In Tennessee, a new law requiring voters to show photo identification at the polls explicitly excludes student IDs.

And Pennsylvania’s voter identification bill, still on the books for now, disallows many student IDs and non-Pennsylvania driver’s licenses, which means out-of-state students may be turned away at the polls. …..

Voting advocates agree. “This is absolutely perfectly rigged to prevent students from voting,” said David Halperin, an attorney and former director of national youth organization Campus Progress.

Proving residency or meeting strict criteria for photo ID can be difficult for college students, particularly out-of-state students, or those who don’t drive. Out-of-state students frequently don’t get in-state ID when they go to college — but still want to vote there. Changing addresses is one factor.

I weep for our nation if college kids can’t figure out how to get a photo ID. 

Of course the residency rule…

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