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Actually, there is none.  There hasn’t been any in about 30 years.  They started with a meme and it’s ending with the exact same posit.  Think of all the human capital and work wasted on such utter nonsense.

To review, leftists, posing enviro-climate neurotics, stated that CO2 emitted by humans is warming the world up.  They also claimed that the affects of the warming would be disastrous.  They further claimed that nothing short of  taxes on economic activities and a complete upheaval of the world’s socioeconomic structure could save us from ourselves.

They invented fantastic graphics and measurements to show the world of our impending doom.  Many of these have been shown to have been artificially manipulated or are simply in error of thought or measurement, such as the melting land ice, sea level measurements, and paleo proxies for our past temps.  In short, they’ve demonstrated nothing but basic errors…

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