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The skeptics in the US have constantly been led to believe we are the only ones who don’t believe doom is imminent and that we have to alter our global socioeconomic structure rith now!!  Of course, they’ve been saying that for 30 years.

Europe has been held up as a great example for us to follow.  With Germany, and it’s adoption of renewables, this has been especially true. 

Well, the German Academy of Sciences (Acatech) has stated, in a study commissioned by the German Federal government, according to Acatech President Reinhard Hüttl:  that there isn’t much to worry about.  The “NoTricksZone” covered it as so……

Worse for the climate alarmists, the report goes on to say that warming will even bring benefits along with it, such as longer growing seasons and reduced wintertime heating costs. Readers should note that typical Germans heat their homes about…

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