Watts Up With That?

Guest post by Russell Cook

Lewandowsky et. al’s faulty methodology is just one of the paper’s problems; like many other ‘skeptic’ motivation analyses, its central premise is unproven and relies on a SINGLE highly questionable source.

Experts like Steve McIntyre pore over the manner in which the Lewandowsky paper’s survey was conducted. But there is another basic problem with this paper and others essentially similar to it, where a collective analysis proposes to explain why anyone would deny the settled science of global warming. Such papers operate under a false premise, namely that analysis is needed because the science is settled and skeptic scientists – who arguably are the only people qualified in this issue to offer science assessment opposition that might be valid – are corrupt.

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  1. My thanks to you for spreading the word about this.

    As I told Anthony Watts in a follow-up email, “There’s a lot more. Both Myanna Lahsen and Oreskes seem to have seen the Western Fuels Association memos in person, but I think Lahsen saw them either with Gelbspan or Schneider, while Oreskes seems to have been turned on to them by ex-Gore staffer Anthony Socci. Later on, I read her bit in this book chapter page ( http://books.google.com/books?id=IBGPMIILOH4C&pg=PA159 ) where she first thanks Socci for telling her where they were and then says they are in an unmarked filing cabinet at the AMS headquarters in Washington D.C. Weird, weird, weird…., and so much more to nail down about the Gore/Sierra Club ’91-’95 time period of the initial smear surrounding the WFA memos, and the exact time when Gelbspan / Ozone Action took over and made it into the successful smear it became.”

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