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Dr. Lewandowsky conspired with himself to ensure real skeptics were not included in his idiotic internet poll which implausibly links climate skeptics to truthers, some weird assassination plot, and a strange HIV/AIDS theory I’ve never heard of until frequent commenter PhD brought it to my attention. 

How desperate are climate alarmists such as Dr. Lewdy to simply invent studies?

One commentator on this blog recalls starting the study and then quit.  (Jim?)  And, he did it on an alarmist blog. 

But, we all know, if anyone is going to assess the views of skeptics in general, the first place to go is WUWT.  Here is his total view count……  125,279,824 views  (We’re somewhere close behind …. or something.  Angel

Anthony says he didn’t get an invite.  Steve McIntyre, once described as one of the 100 most influential people on this planet, never got one either.  Lewdy’s own fellow Australian…

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