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It’s been over.  They quit intimidating us when they couldn’t get something as simply reporting the weather correct.  Oh sure, it’s taken some time for the poli-sci blogs to realize this, but most of us have been fact checking works of science.  We’ve been laughing at the reporters for years now.

Still Breitbart has noted something different.  But first, the punch line……

A media fact-checker walks into a bar with a duck on his head.

Bartender asks, “Can I help you?”

Duck says, “Yeah, get this liar off my ass.”

It’s official; the term “fact checker” is now a punchline.

Now their perspective…..

For four long years, I’ve waited for these disgracefully partisan left-wing fact checkers to implode, and this morning and last night it finally happened. And it happened under the weight of their own lies and shameless Obama-shilling.

This was inevitable after Politifact claimed that Barack Obama’s…

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