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Cutter and DWS are known serial liars.  They’ve continued to double down on falsehoods even when presented evidence that they’re incorrect. 

Yesterday, while Ryan was giving the best American speech in this century, Obama was doubling down on stupid. 

At a campaign event on Wednesday, President Barack Obama latched onto remarks made by Neil Newhouse, a pollster for Mitt Romney, who said this week the Republican presidential candidate’s campaign would not “be dictated by fact-checkers.”

Speaking to a crowd in Virginia, Obama brought up the Romney camp’s sustained attacks on his welfare waiver policy. The ads have been widely panned for being factually inaccurate.

“I mean, somebody was challenging one of their ads — . And every outlet said, this is just not true. And they were asked about it and they said — one of their campaign people said, we won’t have the…

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